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This is a comment to a video I've seen: YouTube: NetworkChuck - the most SECURE browser!! (testing it with malware)

This is just as problematic as any of the usual commercial VPN providers. It's not solving any bigger problems. This is not a long-term solution for everyone. The biggest part of many effective solutions is education and giving people the ability to understand the enviroment & problemdomain, not another tool / service / company or gov one has to (en)trust.

Here is a solution to a bigger problem, that is related to this: Building a new desktop & server OS from the ground up, by analyzing the issues and solutions / workarounds we encountered in the past ~30 years and using that to design something that accounts for all these things from the beginning. Repeat that every couple of decades or so.

The current state of operations is doing imense patchwork on architecture design from decades ago, which is an eternity in the context of the current rate of technological development.